Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation...

Hey Beauties,
So this post has me slightly excited because I have had my eye on this foundation since it came out. With lots of reviews also coming out and people constantly informing of just how much they love it, and their go to foundation I had to test it myself.
So in true Remmy style I hauled ass to Selfridges and requested a sample as usual.
I was given a very small sample (which was expected) and was told the usual 'A little goes a long way'. Fast forward a few weeks... I made the purchase. 

Before we get into the review can we please have a moment for the foundation actually having a pump. It was so annoying having to purchase the pump separately.

Texture & Consistency 
The formulation for this foundation is very light. The formulation is far from a thick consistency and is not too runny. It does not have silicones in it (as far as I am aware of) that gives the odd texture. It is slightly silky to the touch.

The foundation has the typical Nars fragrance but is not to strong or overbearing as others on the market. The smell disappears once on the skin. 

When it is first applied it feels like there is nothing on the skin and if you are not careful would add too much that it then gets streaky. I fund that the best way to apply was to add a little at a time with a brush then use my beauty blender to give even coverage without leaving streaks which happens with brush applications.

Because the foundation is very light in texture one assumes that the coverage won't be as great. The fact that the formulation is light the fact same time give great coverage. This can be built upon depending on the kind of coverage you like/prefer which I think can be really beneficial.

When applying the foundation, I did not notice any kind of oxidisation or the colour becoming darker throughout the day which I really liked. It can be a pain when you feel that your foundation bangs, and then step put and realise that your face is much darker than your chest.

If you were hoping for a fully matte foundation... this is not for you! This gives you a somewhat subtle glow but has a light matte finish at the same time. I have tried using it with and without a setting powder and loved both results. I personally prefer to set all my foundations especially the nose area as I tend to get oily in my T-zone as the day goes on.

Staying Power
I was pleasantly surprised at the staying power of this foundation. With only my t-zone prime this foundation lasted a solid 8 hours on me and that was when I wanted to put it through its paces and tested it against a party setting. Throughout the night I had to touch up with powder only once and that was my nose (as usual).

All in all I think that this Foundation is a great investment and has easily replaced my Sheer Matte foundation also by Nars. Definitely a thumbs up from me and recommend you at least acquire a sample.

Are you in the process of foundation hunting? Have you tried the ADLW Foundation? Or do you own it? WHat are your thoughts? let me know!

Remmy x

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