Thursday, 19 March 2015

Oh So Lush...

Hey Lovies,

This is a post that I started writing a while ago but somehow managed to stick in the drafts section :/. Nevertheless I really wanted to give you a heads up of the following products that I picked up from Lush and absolutely loved. 

  • Hair Doctor - One of my biggest problems that I have been battling with is dry scalp and no matter how much oil, cream I slap on it just wasn't working. So after a chat with the lovely staff in Lush I was recommended the Hair Doctor hair mask. This mask is God sent. My scalp seemed to love it as well as my hair. The mask is of a thick gritty consistency that I coated all through my hair and scalp. Left it on for 40mins while I done some work then shampooed and conditioned as normal and my hair was noticeably softer and more manageable. I would say that one container is not necessarily enough if you have really thick or really long hair (I struggled to coat all my hair) which is something to bare in mind if you decide to purchase it. Pictures below.
  • R&B Moisturiser  - This is a rich moisturiser that really helped to quench my thirsty locks. The only downfall of this is the hefty £11.50 for 100g price tag which hurts my heart. This does make me reconsider as I have very thick hair as well as alot of hair so use quite a lot of the product. So if I go through that tub every 1-2 weeks, I am spending too much money.
  • Breath Of Fresh Air - My skin absolutely loved this toner. It seemed to drink it up and always felt refreshed. I think the patchouli oil is what I have to thank for that as it is known for its cooling and astringent properties. It also helped to calm my face whenever it felt irritated from a product I was using which again seems to be due to the Rose absolute in the toner. I love that this is very refreshing and would certainly be repurchasing as I have ran out due to my daily use. I think I would be using this more in the warmer months.
  • Dream Steam - This is a small toner tab which you pop into a bowl of hot water and put your face over it and allow the steam to open up your pores and helps your skin to absorb the essential oils contained in it. The tab has rose absolute to calm redness, camomile blue oil to help soothe the skin as well as tee tree oil for its antibacterial properties. This is nice for those once a week skin refresher, some what like a mask. Although I liked it I doubt it is something that I would repurchase just because I am impatient and having to wait for the steam to really open up my pores etc is just to long for my liking.

Remmy x

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